Megalomaniac. Simple as.

P.S I have betrayed Fanta for 7UP, Pepsi, Coke, Miranda, Sprite and other (cheap) brands.
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Description: The water was clear, uncontaminated by substances that could kill. That was before she threw in a couple of small, white pills. There was a reaction, dissolving the pills and creating a mist in the water. The girl picked up the cup and brought it to...

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The One Man Band

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the story of Ethan and Caryn

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Death in Her Hands | Discontinued

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Description: Having Death in Your Hands seems cool to many people but hunger for death kind of ruins he...

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Eternally Bleeding | Discontinued

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Mia is the kind of girl that everyone calls Troubled, Weird, Freak, Loner... The list goes on. But she'...

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Bullied Tomboy

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Fanta_xx commented on Decoding Life - Author's Note

Another thing, does anyone want to have a short story of Ollie and Savannah?! If you do, comment below with your guess as to how they got together! Keep in mind that when Ollie was in the hospital, h...
Step 1: Recovered. Step 2: Hunter & Savannah made up. Step 3: Ollie hit the gym. Step 4: They met in a Sauna or something. Step 5: Theyre getting married
Fanta_xx commented on Decoding Life - Epilogue

                I sighed, leaning back on the chair. “Savannah and Ollie are getting married in a year, I don’t think she has time to do boring paper work and handle such a huge co...
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