hey y'all whats up
here's twelve things about me
2.I HATE Destiel with a burning passion!
3.if you are in need of a voice actor, I would love to help!
4.I'm a High School Grad, current college student, this should tell you a thing or 2 about updates
5.I like cake
6.BIG Kingdom Hearts fan
7.Disney Geek, and proud to be one
8.I've met almost the whole FMA cast
9.I'm in various fandoms
10.I haven't been writing as long as most people. I started back in '08 or '09
11. I love crossovers
12.Idk...BYE...I think...AHHH!!!

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[X] Finish His Soul (a FMA fanfic) 
[X] Finish Free Soul (FMA FanFic)
[X] Finish Undying Soul (Cyle's back story)
[X] Finish Captured Souls
[X] Finish If FMA were REAL!
[] Finish ??? Rewrite
[] Finish Soul Exorcist
[] Finish The Fullmetal Host

I will not accept rude behavior on my profile or my stories, if I find anything like that on here, you will be reported
(sorry to sound harsh)
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Pandemic (original story)

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Description: It came as fast as it left. It hit a fourth of the human population. Now...everything is different. Andy grew up in a small farm town in Minnesota. When she turned 19, she left it for a historical town across the state. When she turned 20, t...

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So, today started with me trying to write something...then it turned into my cat having to go the vet.
We got her there and the doctor said it was her time. 
My cat, Ribbons, was 21.5 years old. She's been in my family since 1993 and she left December 18th, 2014. D,X
Someone please comfort me, please!
I'm just got home from my second day of work and McDonalds and I crying! 
I come home and my feet are killing me and I've got sunburn like burns my both of my hands and I've been up since five am!
Please help me!