hey y'all whats up
here's twelve things about me
2.I HATE Yaoi, but if you like it i don't care
3.if you are in need of a voice actor, I would love to help!
4.I'm a High School Grad, current college student, this should tell you a thing or 2 about updates
5.I like cake
6.BIG Kingdom Hearts fan
7.Disney Geek, and proud to be one
8.I've met almost the whole FMA cast
9.Manga and Anime is awesome
10.I haven't been writing as long as most people. I started back in '08 or '09.
11. I really like crossovers
12.Idk...BYE...I think...AHHH!!!

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[X] Finish His Soul (a FMA fanfic) 
[X] Finish Free Soul (FMA FanFic)
[X] Finish Undying Soul (Cyle's back story)
[X] Finish Captured Souls
[X] Finish If FMA were REAL!
[] Finish Soul Exorcist
[] Finish The Fullmetal Host

I will not accept rude behavior on my profile or my stories, if I find anything like that on here, you will be reported
(sorry to sound harsh)
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The Fullmetal Hunter (Supernatural/Fullmetal Alchemist AU)

Social data: 1K reads. 24 votes. 21 comments.

Description: Instead of losing his leg, eleven year old Edward Elric is sent through the Gate and to the other side. There, he is found by father and son hunters while on a case. (bad description is bad. will edit it soon!) I own nothing! Supernatural belongs...

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The Fullmetal Host

The Fullmetal Host

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Rule 44 of the Âme: rule 45 should be number 1. Rule 45 of the Âme: never stack before you cast. Fayth...

If FMA were REAL!

If FMA were REAL!

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Fullmetal Alchemist in real life. Actor Edward Elric has finally finished shooting his final scene for F...

His Soul (A FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction)

His Soul (A FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction)

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What if you found a famous Anime character in the street? That's what happened to Fayth Carter. When 15...

Soul Exorcist (A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction) (On Hold)

Soul Exorcist (A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction) (On Hold)

167 9 6

Fayth wakes up one day, fours years younger, and in cram school at True Cross Academy as a student! Eith...

Still hating the new layout with a burning passion but i was wondering if there is anything you would like to see updated? I don't know if i'm going to have The fullmetal host or the soul exorcist updated anytime soon but *shrugs*
So, I woke up this morning and found that I had a comment on one of my stories. Not going to what story or who commented. They said, "The spelling and punctuation errors were crazy...". dude, I am aware of my mistakes in all of my stories and they all have these errors in them. No ones perfect! And if you were hoping I would stop writing, jokes on you! I'm going to keep writing so I can be better! 
There's more to the comment, "...story was boring" 
......... Dude, there are over 200 people that could say otherwise. 
Thank you, dear hater, for the comment. Your words will forever remain in the darkest place in my heart.