"My Life with the Walter Boys" IS NOW PUBLISHED! 

You can order a paperback copy from Barnes & Noble, Amazon (US & UK), Chapters.Indigo (Canada), or The Book Depository (for copies outside US). E-books are available on most e-readers.


Hi! I'm Ali and I like writing books. Thank you to every person who has supported my work. You rock!


I know my stories need major editing. Please remember they are only rough drafts. Also, my stories are only available on Wattpad. If you see them posted elsewhere please contact me. 

Need to talk to me? The best way to get a response is via Twitter. Please note that I don't take reading/promo/interview/trailer/follow requests. Sorry, but I just don't have the time.


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The Midnight Boys

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Description: "They reminded me of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, wild and rebellious, but all grown up in a way that could only be described in one word—sexy."

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meganxalbert posted a message to Fallzswimmer
I know you probably won't see this, but I might as well try. Over the weekend I went to the local Barnes & Nobles, and picked up a copy of "My Life with the Walter Boys". I finished it in less than 8 hours. IT WAS AMAZING! I was wondering if you were going to make a sequel? I would really enjoy it and I know the others readers probably would too. I also understand that maybe you ended the story like that, because you don't want to carry out the story. Whatever choice you make, I support, because you are a phenomenal writer. Thanks for supplying me with a book that brought me great happiness!  
Hi you probably won't see this, but whatever it's worth a shot.

I'm writing a story called Life Is a Difficult Thing, and I wanted to know if you'd check it out and tell me what you thought of it? It's only just starting, but I've gotten more of it written and I think it's going really well so far. So please just look at even the description! And anybody that sees this, it would be super cool if you did the same! Even if it's just the first chapter or so. Thank you!
I just finished reading the latest update of The Heartbreak Chronicles and I have also read MLWTWB which I found completely amazing!! I have read way too many books but I'm sure I will include yours to my favorite ones!! Congratulations for your excellent work!! Keep it up:)