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1.   Your reading about me
2.   Your thinking thats a stupid fact
4.   You didnt notice i skipped 3
5.   Your checking it now
6.   Your smiling
7.   Your still reading about me
8.   You know what you have read is true
10. You didnt notice i skipped 9
11. Your checking it now
12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts ;]

ANYWHOO! Lemme Tell You stalkerrerrs A Little Bit About Mee >.< 

ツ I'm The Type Of Girl You Would Assume  Peirces EVERYTHING & Likes To Look Different.... Well...

ツ That's ALWAYS  Me In My Profile & background pictures ^.^ Fake Profile Pics Are NOT Cool, It Only Makes You Look Insecure:( ... Be Proud Of Your Pretty Faces People<3

ツIm A Natural Brunette But You Shall NEVER Know That >:D... Oh Wait.

ツIm A  Friendly Person! I Swear To Cheese! Talk To me, I wont Bite You!! (Partially Because I'm Not hungry ATM) 

ツ @hersheylovers201 ~ The SWEETEST Person EVAA! .. And My First CLOSEST Wattpad Fwenndd ♥

ツ I Have Had A Really Dark & Difficult Life, I'm The Person I Am Today Because Of It, But Without It, I would Have Never Met Someone As Amazing As JayJay<3 

ツ Im 18 Years YOUNG:3

ツ Im Half Russian;) But I only Know How To Swear In Russian .__.

ツ I Live In The Dark Side... We Are Nice People.. And They Give Free Cookies Here... What More Can A Person Ask For?! C8

ツ  Meh Gots No Family ..I Live In A Funkeyy Apartment With Jay »_« He Is My Whole Family In One<3 C:

ツ LONDON! ...That's Right, I'm Bloody British! <3

ツI Like Poems. Nuff Said.

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    Seriously? Im not saying.... 0_o .... Ok fine London.
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Invisable Scars- My life...

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Description: This book of poems is short but filled with such painful emotion that I felt only a year ago. My life was very difficult from when I was only eleven to when I was sixteen. Now I'm 17 and a lot happier. I used to have a little pink book that I kept u...


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