Status: People need to understand the basic principle. If you don't love yourself first-- Who will? Many things start at home. Happiness is but one. (5 months ago)


Name Skylar AKA Skyyyy....✰
Location Seriously? Im not saying.... 0_o .... Ok fine London.
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Thank Yu For Stumbling Upon My Page! 

-- You See That 'Follow' Button? ... No, there. *Points up*.. Yeah That. Click it, and a magical UNICORN Will Fly Out Of Your Screen! :o ... Unless You're Afraid Of Horses... In That Case It's A .... Uhm..... British Potato?.. --

*~~~ TAKEN! ~~~ BY THE MOST AMAZING GUY IN THE WORLD... Love Him Soo Muchh! C: .. JAYYBEARR - @Jay_Jay_Rawrz ... <3

1.   Your reading about me
2.   Your thinking thats a stupid fact
4.   You didnt notice i skipped 3
5.   Your checking it now
6.   Your smiling
7.   Your still reading about me
8.   You know what you have read is true
10. You didnt notice i skipped 9
11. Your checking it now
12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts ;]

ANYWHOO! Lemme Tell You stalkerrerrs A Little Bit About Mee >.< 

ツ I'm The Type Of Girl You Would Assume  Peirces EVERYTHING & Likes To Look Different.... Well...

ツ That's ALWAYS  Me In My Profile & background pictures ^.^ Fake Profile Pics Are NOT Cool, It Only Makes You Look Insecure:( ... Be Proud Of Your Pretty Faces People<3

ツIm A Natural Brunette But You Shall NEVER Know That >:D... Oh Wait.

ツIm A  Friendly Person! I Swear To Cheese! Talk To me, I wont Bite You!! (Partially Because I'm Not hungry ATM) 

ツ @hersheylovers201 ~ The SWEETEST Person EVAA! .. And My First CLOSEST Wattpad Fwenndd ♥

ツ I Have Had A Really Dark & Difficult Life, I'm The Person I Am Today Because Of It, But Without It, I would Have Never Met Someone As Amazing As JayJay<3 

ツ Im 18 Years YOUNG:3

ツ Im Half Russian;) But I only Know How To Swear In Russian .__.

ツ I Live In The Dark Side... We Are Nice People.. And They Give Free Cookies Here... What More Can A Person Ask For?! C8

ツ  Meh Gots No Family ..I Live In A Funkeyy Apartment With Jay »_« He Is My Whole Family In One<3 C:

ツ LONDON! ...That's Right, I'm Bloody British! <3

ツI Like Poems. Nuff Said.



Would You Judge?

Would You Judge?

1 page, updated Apr 15, 2013G
Some people will judge other people. I guess it's part of human nature but something you can control. To look at someone and label them is the most easiest thing ever, but... read more
291 reads votes 19 comments 16
Invisable Scars- My life...

Invisable Scars- My life...

10 parts / 4 pages, updated Dec 02, 2012PG-13Completed
This book of poems is short but filled with such painful emotion that I felt only a year ago. My life was very difficult from when I was only eleven to when I was ... read more
2,470 reads votes 114 comments 76

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:)) x
Invisable Scars- My life...

Awh, thank you(: Of course you can be like that. Believe me, any single being on earth can be this way- or even stronger. You just have to keep...
Invisable Scars- My life...

I really didnt feel strong at all, but if im here today i must have been lol Thank you very much:)) x
Invisable Scars- My life...

Haha awwh thankss
Invisable Scars- My life...

Of course I have:) I think everyone has felt like giving up at some point in life. But remember this; life will never give you more than you can...
Invisable Scars- My life...