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Hello Stalkers!
So I see you have found you're self on my page, how exciting! 
Well I'll tell you a bit about my self then will I?

Random Facts:
* I'm half Greek
* I'm obsessed with werewolf stories
* My family and I watch Eurovision EVERY YEAR!!!  
* I'm in A stream English
* I can't spell for shit!
* I'm random
* I tend to go hyper sometimes when I have sugar (or panadol) 
* I have a really broad taste in music and I can respect other peoples taste as well
* I have a bi-sexual and gay best friend
* I like most R rated books because I have absolutely no sex-life..... I still haven't kissed anyone!
* I want to be a criminal profiler 

❒ Single 
❒ Taken 
✔ Mentally dating a hot Alpha werewolf

( '_')
(> )>o I was going to give you this cookie

    ('_' )
o<( < ) But then I was like
    U U

(>o<) IT'S MY COOKIE!!!
 U U

( '_')
(> )>o Then i said sharing is caring...

   ('_' )
o<( <) But ...
    U U

 U U

(> <) So then I ate it...

Nothing else much to say right now..... 

- Faithie out -

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Mate is a very strong word...Dance with the Alpha (Book 1)

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Amazing as per usual! can't wait until you upload!!!! :)

Please upload soon! :)
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@evilgirl I would think that's a good shocked cause I'm shocked too and in a good way.... ;)
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When are you going to upload I'm loving your story! :)
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