I love reading stories and I love writting stories but I won't be posting them on here any time soon but be sure to check them out when they do :) 

I have been reading a lot of stories on this site but I had never had the chance to sign up and stuff so here I am, I'm trying to find all my favorite stories I have read for the past ... who knows 

I try and fan everyone so you won't be missed out :) 
Fantasy stories are my favorites 

Favorite stories are: A touch of poison - Scottish Beauty - Satan's Son (More will be added) 

My guilty pleasures are vampire stories and they are: I married the Prince of the Darkness - A beautiful sacrifice - Artificial Everlasting Dreams (More will be added 

I'm hooked on right at the moment: When black roses wither - Fantasy story - (The plot is very interesting and a lot of twists if you like these kind of stories be sure to check this one out)

Will be adding more to this section soon! 

FairtyTale - Good day!
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