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◄ Pen Name: Emily Jacqueline

◄ Age: Sixteen 

◄ Gender: Female

◄ Grade: 11

◄ Likes: Video games, sports, tetris and checkers

◄ Dislikes: Rude & fake people

◄ Languages: Filippino, English, Spanish, French

◄ Zodiac: ♈ Aries

Current Stories:

 ✘ How To Walk In Heels 

✘ Mark Me

✘ For His Sake
✘ That Should Be Me

✘ Black Butterfly 

✘ A Model's Revenge

✘ Finding Blake Ryder

✘ The Secret Flames

✘ 365 Days

✘ Kill Me, Softly

✘ The UPLOAD Vote

✘ Superman Must Die!


➶ Profile Picture: letterbyowl

➶ Covers: TianaJade, Iverlaine, JustNattie, IsaSecrets, The City Night Covers


Important note: 

I will not be uploading as fast as usual. I'll probably be able to update one story a month because I am aiming for honor roll which means study, study and more studying. In the summer, I will go back to my old routine of uploading most of my stories each week. I hope you can bare with me, thank you(:


Mark Me.

Mark Me.

7 parts / 1 page, updated Feb 12, 2013PG-13
This story is under construction.
55,925 reads votes 1,439 comments 317
A Model's Revenge.

A Model's Revenge.

2 pages, updated Oct 29, 2012PG-13
Charisma Winters, unlike her name, she isn't really charismatic. She's just an average day girl except for the fact that she's easy on the eyes. Kendall Clark was Char... read more
5,961 reads votes 163 comments 69
The Secret Flames.

The Secret Flames.

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 17, 2012PG-13
Jacinda Bravo is different from other werewolves, she can control fire. It makes her dangerous and the most wanted wolf because it can bring another pack power. That's w... read more
1,738 reads votes 47 comments 20
365 Days.

365 Days.

2 pages, updated Jun 13, 2012
That one night, that one party, changed everything. Natalie Styles was a good, and caring girl until that night. The night that would haunt her dreams forever, the night when her... read more
2,818 reads votes 56 comments 13
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