'Cause we're Sonic Heroes!

And I'm Awesome Sauce!

I'm bad,
And that's good.
I will never be good,
And that's not bad.
There's no one I would rather be...
Than me.


And there really is no one I would rather be than me.

I'm going to write about Sonic, who belongs to SEGA, Mega Man, who belongs to Capcom, Danny Phantom, who belongs to Nickelodeon, and the Teen Titans, who belong to DC. They aren't mine. They don't belong to me. End of story.

Okay, so Sonic, Wreck-it Ralph, The Teen Titans, Mega Man, and Danny Phantom are my favoritest things ever. I've known Sonic since I was five, since I got Sonic Heroes. I could never get past the second level, (well, now I can AND HAVE) but I loved to play it. He's been my not-so-imaginary friend for so many years. Wreck-it Ralph is the most amazing movie ever. I cried because it was THAT good. And Ralph is better than Vanellope. The Teen Titans are always saving the day from mindless freaks that are usually trying to kill one of them. And, yes, Robin is my favorite of the five. Mega Man's games may be hard and the comics somewhat cheesy, but he's a cool dude, especially since he's being introduced into Super Smash Bros. 4! Danny Phantom is a great show, even if the series was short. A boy with ghost powers... fighting to save the day!

Kid Icarus Uprising is hilarious.

Besides Sonic, Spider-Man is my favorite (comic...?) superhero.

Sonic the Hedgehog and @therapybegins are my best friends. @Cyan_Tears is like a boss, too.

I wonder what I have been put on this Earth to do. Is it to write? Is it to teach others about life? Is it to show people things that they don't know?

Wow, that little paragraph was way too much philosophy of my life. 

╚══`.¸Sonic the Hedgehog!


But that alone is insufficient.

I will dominate the world one day! Muhahah...

I'm a sickly child, but that gives me lots of excuses for things... Heheh...
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The fact that SEGA freaking threw away a ton of its jobs is stupid. And yeah, kind of just because I'm selfish. But I'm assuming they did so because Sonic Boom did so poorly. It pisses me off. I personally didn't think the game was that bad, but everyone else did, so great. Here comes the Death of SAAANIC everyone's been waiting for. Great. Juuuuuuuuust great. And yeah, okay, 'but there'll still be the iPhone games!' yeah. Okay. You tap the screen and Sonic jumps. I'VE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH AN INVIGORATING GAME IN MY LIFE! (Note the sarcasm, please.) There will NEVER be another Sonic game on a console unless SEGA sells Sonic, and they have far too much pride to do so. So no more storylines for Sonic. None at all. Unless SEGA decided to make a PC game for him, which, you know, thinking of the GLORYOUSLY SMART MOVE they JUST made, I don't think they'll be doing that at least anytime soon.

Sorry, gotta rant once in a while.
Okay, so I want to change a bunch of things in The Light Falls. I think. I've had a bunch of things going on the past few weeks, and the last thing I want is to look back and say, 'Gosh, that story SUCKED.' So I'm going to improve upon it, and maybe I'll have something better out by tomorrow or Tuesday. I know the general idea I'm going with it, I just don't quite know how to start it. So, sorry for that. Happy several presidents' birthdays! :P