Well, I guess if you randomly stumbled onto my profile and are reading this, I guessing you want to learn a little bit about me. I am a 17 year-old Canadian that loves taking pictures of nature, drawing, writing, my cat Cleon,  and music .Oh, and of course if you have seen my story, I love anime and manga, but I also read a lot of novels! Right now my favorite non-watty authors are Dan Brown, Markus Zusak, and Dean Koontz!

I also love talking to people here on Wattpad and helping them out. So if you need help with something, or just want to talk to, PM me! Even if just to ask me if I can read your story, message me. I'll gladly help put and give you some feedback.

Some of my favs (In no order): 
- Assassination Classroom
- Until Death Do Us Part
- Sword Art Online
- Accel World
- Kuroko no Basuket
- Love in the Mask
- Soul Catchers
- Deadman Wonderland
- Black Cat
- Kuroshitsuji 
- Detective Conan
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
- XXX Holic
- Skip Beat
- KHR 
- One Piece 
- Rave Master
- Naruto 
- InuYasha
- Code Geass 
- Beast Master 
- Legend of the Sun Knight
- Magico
- Legend of Zelda (I know it's a game, but have you ever read ocarina of time?)
(I know, it's a lot. But I recommend them all!!)

Some of my favourite quotes:

*To each his own.* (So in a nutshell: don't judge people!)

*Live like you will die tomorrow, Dream like you will live forever.*

*Never not strive to do you best because this is your life and you only have one chance to live it, so make the most of it.*

*The night sky is so beautiful and blue, I would love to watch it with you* From self-claimed new little brother!  I swear he will be the death of me from his sweetness!!!  Yes Ali, I'm talking about you XD

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Description: My name is Harmony Kakureta Merodi and to say it simply; my life is screwed up. Just a couple of days ago I was on my way to fight in the war with my teammates/friends, but today, I'm some how a genin again, with a different squad, but that's not th...

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*heart stops* *dies* *comes back to live* *re-reads comment* *dies from heart attack again* Thank you so much for that! I am so glad that you that you think that of Harmony! That was exactly what I was trying to aim for, someone that people can relate too, not over powered, not dragging anyone down, or putting anyone to sleep ^.^ I will admit I'm not sure when I'll start the sequel (sorry). I've been busy with my new fanfic. Hidden in the Shadows, trying to edit/basically rewrite all the old chapter of MoT, and I'm am starting my grad year in school. I would say maybe october-November, but I haven't even began to plan any of it out.