In the deepest, darkest parts of my mind worlds are created. An endless supply of possibilities, experiences and no restrictions.

As a very smart mind once said, I'm not crazy, my reality is just different to yours. 

I don't fear what I'll become 
I fear what I'll lose  getting there

My name's Simone and thanks for reading my stories.

If you need to contact me for anything important please email svanduin@y7mail.com
sometimes my private messages get neglected. BUT PLEASE ONLY EMAIL IF IT IS REGARDING PUBLISHING OR EDITING.. ta x


Just a little something I wrote. 

A real romance can take stand the rain of the hurricane. But real love, well that can take on the hurricane and still be standing in the aftermaths. 
Sometimes the hardest thing in life is realising that one day it will end. One day your life will come to a close and when it does, clarity will come to you and the life you lived will be clearer. Looking back you will see what you should have done. 
Now as I lay on my death bed, awaiting the unknown. I don’t regret my decision. All I regret, is I didn’t make it sooner. 
Dropping my head to the side, I stared at the love of my life. I would have given everything I had ever owned to spend one more day with him. 
But that’s the thing with life, it’s short. 
So with a closing breath I say, live not for what ifs but follow your happiness and where it may take you. 
For your happiness is what will lead you to true bliss and a life you can look back and say, I have no regrets. 

Some of the best moments in life are ones were the reality has been twisted out and for those few beautiful tainted hours, reality has no place. The past, present and future doesn’t matter, because you’re in this black hole; escaping the death grip of reality and all the consequences it brings. 

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A Tainted Romance

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Description: It was never about love. It was never about want. It was all to do with need. Zane needed Allie; it was in his blood and while Allie would deny it, she needed Zane. But what if the one person who is meant to be the whole purpose of your life is...

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shews2313 posted a message to Explode
Your book 'A Tainted Romance' it's amazing. Keep writing. I love how you get Zane and Allie really close then they zip apart. It keeps the story at suspense. It's really good. 
Taniaalerma posted a message to Explode
please update secrets I keep checking everyday and hope that you have I love I've read twisting you over again and also secrets I'm waiting for Chloe and Alec to be together again