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*i am friends with every one and once i am your friend if is hard to make me dislike you. i will talk about whatever you would like. i am understanding and just want to be nice. just come and say 'hey' :) i talk a lot by the way! 

1. i can talk about everthing and anything for hours!
2.  i confuse myself a lot
3. my puppy is my life and i would die with out her
4. i dont do many sports but the one i do do i try my very best in.
5. my friends call me blonde even though i am not... they say i am a blonde in heart. lol and i know i am and i am proud of it! 
6. i have a medium shade of brown hair
7. my eyes change color with my mood. wen i am mad they are a darker brown wen i am happy they r a gold and wen i am sad tehy are a light brown (no joke its soo cool i like the gold best!)
8. i have been 5'3 for at least 4 years now so i dont think i will grow any more... but i am ok with being shorter. there's nothing wrong with that!
9. i am younger then what a lot of people think. i have a lot of real friends that are older then me and they think that i sound and act older then i am. 
10. i am running out of things to say...
11. my fav colors r: hot pink, lime green, baby blue, and.... red! yes red. i dont know why but i have always liked that color... maybe becouse i loved Elmo wen i was little... or because my fav princess has red hair Ariel! lol what ever it was i still like that color. it seams to pop out.
12. i dont judge people but how they look, what they are, or what others think. i judge them on how they act and how they treat others.
13. i am not the best speller but thats ok! you guys can help me out a little on that and i have my freind family to review. 

if you have any questions for me ask
oh and i was Evergreen Night Academy on inkpop.




1 page, updated Oct 17, 2013
They were perfectly wrong for each other. Or so they had been told. But fate has decided it was time to bring two feuding families together once and for all for a final fight. Family or love? Rules or dreams?
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6 parts / 20 pages, updated Jun 04, 2013
They thought she would be normal. They thought it couldn't happen to her. But they were wrong. After Amber's brother, Cody, gets changed her parents think it can't happen to he... read more
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Going up

Going up

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Rain Drop

Rain Drop

1 page, updated Apr 09, 2012Completed
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I'm Sorry, Did You Say Mate?

I think that you mean to say time, not tome.
I'm Sorry, Did You Say Mate?

I'm Sorry, Did You Say Mate?

Too is the correct way here. Two is the number 2.
Rejected mate, pregnant!!!

Rejected mate, pregnant!!!