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Description: Nova has had a tough life up until now, what with her family issues and insecurities. But she's been getting better control of her life and is now living it up in her third year of college. She's studying abroad this semester in Havenburg (a foreign...

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Erica5735 commented on Rich Girl Poor Girl - Chapter 10

I feel like Sparrow is hiding a heartbreaking history. Like she had an abusive, serial-cheating fiance who would beat her all the time, but no one could see that there was something wrong since they were both rich social elites - then one day she gets pregnant and instead of the beatings stopping, he beat her so bad she lost the baby. Then she snapped: she became so depressed, she was thinking about suicide (still no one noticed). In the dead of night, she stood on a rocky shore thinking about letting the harsh waves take her but the only reason she didn't dive out was because she saw a homeless guy star gazing on the beach, enjoying his life. She couldn't believe that someone with nothing had the thing she always wanted: peace. After having a silent emotional break down, Sparrow looked up to the heavens and released all her negative energy and poisonous thoughts; she let the universe's energy flow through her. Suddenly, the idea of "Haven" came to her and she found purpose. She left the guy, her home, and everything that held her back behind and created a new life for herself. But she is still scarred. She will always be cautious. Thomas is a threat that could shatter her worse than her ex's beatings combined. Nevertheless, she can't help this pull to her other half. It's fate
-of course there will be a lot more drama before they live happily ever after.