Hi all my name is Samantha for a little while i went by Annaleah but that backfired because i wanted to talk to all you beautiful people using my real name. I love to write with all my heart but it kinda sucks with the fact i am absolutely horrible with grammar -.- I really hope you all can enjoy my stories :)

I guess you could say im 17, i am but it still feels weird to say that.

I am known as the girl who wrote Kidnapped...To Be His. Please ignore my carrotness in that story and all the other fanfics on here. I was SUCH a carrot when i wrote all of them its kind of sad. i would delete them but people seem to like them and i want to finish them.

Ask fm: http://ask.fm/HoransHope

I like to talk to people so if you ever just want to talk to someone im open
I dont judge people and i hate it when people judge others
I love everyone
Never give up on what you want....You are all beautiful and never forget that xx

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Getting Over It (A One Direction Fanfic)

Social data: 34.7K reads. 941 votes. 295 comments.

Description: It has been two weeks since the whole incident with Lacey. Everyone is trying to move on so how they put it. So when something shows up and there is a chance for a new beginning who will take it and who isn't there to take it. The first book followe...

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Four Stages Of Breakup

Four Stages Of Breakup

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New Client

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Kidnapped...To Be His (A One Direction AU Fanfic)

Kidnapped...To Be His (A One Direction AU Fanfic)

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One Or The Other {A Liam Payne AU Fanfic}

One Or The Other {A Liam Payne AU Fanfic}

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Illusion_101 posted a message to EnergyJuice
i love Kidnapped to be his your prank got me there and i was so shocked because i didn't see it coming.....and your FabuLOUIS!!!!!!! and keep writing love :)
This comment may be offensive.
Im just now getting back in the writing mood and this is what i come back to. Im done with this website and stupid people who think its ok for them to tell others to kill themself!
Some people actually deal with suicide on a daily basis and stupid ignorant people need to realize you shouldn't say that shiz!
Do people not realize i wrote KTBH when i was 13. Yes it has terrible grammar, yes it is poorly written, but you don't need to freaking tell me i need to die because of it!