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Emmy Dana

Writer. Dreamer. Christian. Alabamian.  Eighteen. I would rather wear flowers in my hair than have diamonds around my neck. I try and look at the glass half full. I'm a princess waiting for her prince.

Ever since I was ten I have had the dream of being a famous author, a big name like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. Music is my safe haven and has always been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to my books.

I love my life and hope to inspire you in my stories.
Never give up on your dreams.
I'm always here if you need some one to talk to.

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Description: Life for eighteen year old Jane Peters involves having clairvoyant parents who have a paranormal television show, along with harboring the same clairvoyant blood as her parents. While living in a nearly empty house, Jane deals with being in the comp...

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Good news lovelies,
I should be able to update The Boy Named Indo tomorrow sometime. I haven't been in a real writing mood lately but I promise that I'll update the story either tomorrow or Monday. My sister is coming over for a little birthday party tomorrow during lunch.
EmmyDana commented on Illusory - i l l u s o r y : 01

Awe, thank you very much. Believe it nor not, this is my first paranormal clairvoyant story that I actually feel as though I have done good in. I grew up watching Ghost Adventures and psychic medium shows with my dad and parents along with survival shows. So I believe in ghosts and psychic mediums but not all people who say that are psychic mediums are the real deal. Anyone can say that they are a psychic medium and scam someone for money.
And thank you so much on saying that I'm a good writer and that I deserve more reads. Honestly, I'm just happy that I have gotten the reads that I have on it right now. Sure, I want it to get a lot more reads but I am mainly focused on writing a good story than rushing through the chapters to get so many comments and votes.
I should be able to work on the next chapter this week, after I write the next chapter in The Boy Named Indo, which has short chapters like this novel.
Have a good rest of the week!
And I'll be waiting for your opinion for the rest of the book as I write it and you read it.
Good night lovelies,
just wanted to tell you that I will be working on the next chapter of  The Boy Named Indo tomorrow. When I update that, I'll start working on the second chapter of Illusory and update it when I'm finished with that. I've decided to work on one story and then when I'm finished with a chapter, work on the next chapter on the other story and just update them when the other chapter is finished until I finish both stories.
Have a good rest of the weekend.
PS: do any of my fellow 90's babies remember watching Hey Arnold growing up? I've gotten quite obsessed with the show lately and love how it gives me the feels. There's nothing like watching the television shows that you grew up watching again.
Good news lovelies,
I have uploaded the first chapter of Illusory. Go ahead and read it. I'm already proud of the first chapter and how it turned out. It took me a minute to get the hang of it but it's a good first chapter.
Good news lovelies,
I finally have started writing on Illusory and will be back on track! I finally got inspiration and I was about to freak and pull my hair out if I hadn't found it quick enough. I have a feeling that it's going to be a great book.
I'll post it when I'm finished but it won't be tonight. Hopefully it will be uploaded before Monday.
Wish me luck,
It's a little bit harder for me to start the first chapter of Illusory so I can't say when I'll actually start writing the first chapter. Hopefully, if I can't get a clear head today I can start writing the first chapter tomorrow.
Sorry, but sometimes it's difficult how to start the first chapter in a book. It can make or break if it's interesting for a reader.
I'm about to start working on the first chapter of Illusory. I'm excited to start working on the story more. Please feel free to comment and vote on my chapters of any of my stories along with the prologues.