just another face in the crowd of strangers, hoping that one day my writings will be known generations to come. I want to be remembered because writing has been my oxygen tank for almost eight years. I believe that everyone has a soul mate but not everyone gets to meet their soul mate and that as cliche as it sounds my prince charming is out there. I believe that I was born in the wrong generation and that I would rather prefer sitting in my bedroom and watching The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles than looking at how screwed up the world is today. No matter what I always try and find a reason to smile even though there are times when I'm fighting a war inside of myself and I always look up to God for guidance and love because He is my savior.
     I want to always dance in the rain when it's raining and storming, write letters of reassurance of myself, and always believe in myself even when it feels like you have to prove to everyone around you that you're going to make it out there one day.
     I'm just another seventeen year old girl stuck in the fantasy world, day dreaming about adventures with Peter Pan while leaving my bedroom window open and falling down the rabbit hole and landing in Wonderland. It doesn't matter how old you are, as long as you feel young that is all that really matters.
    X Emmy Dana
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thank you and I will. (I know that you are busy and hectic as always) but whenever you have some free time you could maybe read the prologue of the story on the next page? It's only a page long, very short, but if you can't I completely understand because of your pains and doing online classes and stuff. Oh and my class just finished reading Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. It was interesting and before that we read The Canterbury Tales even though I liked The Green Knight much better than The Canterbury Tales. Have a blessed day too! XEms

EmmyDana posted a message

So any update on my sleepless night:
I did get to sleep but at 4:30 a.m. in the morning and my mom woke me up at ten till nine but I was still exhausted and she let me sleep for an extra hour.
I have to finish my note cards when it comes to Elizabeth the first later today and I'm exhausted from not having a good night sleep.

EmmyDana posted a message

@Iwritevariety thank you. Like I said before my insomnia randomly flairs up. My mom woke up when I went to the bathroom and told me to try and get to sleep so I need to get off before she might catch me online and not trying to get to sleep. Have a good day!

EmmyDana posted a message

@Iwritevariety great. I just feel so jacked up right now. 

EmmyDana posted a message

Every once in a while my insomnia flairs up despite me taking sleeping pills a few hours before going to bed. As it turns out this morning/ night is one of them. I went to bed at 10: 30 p.m. and now it is 2:03 a.m in the morning.  I cannot get to sleep and although my eyes are a little heavy they are anything but tired. I was going to go into the living room and watch T.V. but my mom is sleeping on the couch and I don't want to wake her or my dad (sleeping in the master room) up to tell them that I can't get to sleep.
This sucks. If any of you are still up and want to chat with me feel free to do so. All I know is I'm going to be a zombie by the time my parents wake up. :(