Supp my names Emmy (A-me) 
      Well here r something's I like/love 
      1.I <3 2 read....Duhhh
      2.I <3 the vampire diaries(t.v.d)
      3.I am a twilight freak 
      4.I am a team Edward /team vampire 
      5.I <3 vampires 
      6.I like werewolves  
      7.I am a team Stelena 
      8.I <3 ice-cream 
      9.I <3 all types of music
      10.I <3 The Mentalist,NCIS:LA
      11.My fav books on wattpad are
            -Apocalypse (twilight fanfic)
            -You make me feel human (t.v.d)
            -Enjoying the Chase
            -%The Deal% with mr.player
            -Seven Mates for Seven Brothers
            -How Boys Think
       12.I <3 Choclate
       13 I <3 Most things with sugar
       14.I <3 holidays
       15.I <3 Pepsi 
       16.I <3 to do pranks  So Beware 
      If u want me to read UR story just inbox me
      Oh n If u Fan me I will fan back n I tend to fan randomly :) 
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