Emmaly is my name
ive been hurt so much I'm truly a broken shell
People might think they know me but they don't
Single but I want a boyfriend
Every guy I trust I ALWAYS end up hurt so please don't hurt me
My escape is music
I don't talk much anymore my teachers have noticed used to talk a lot barely utter a word now
I'll never be the same
please don't hurt me
I never looked for trouble but it always found me
I was told I punch like a dude by a dude
I need help I always have this thought what if I killed myself? What if I was never born?
I can be shy even more than I used to
I have only truly ever liked one guy an I gave up
I hate depressing topics
I normally stay in my own bubble so if I reach out to u be careful please I don't wanna get hurt
Im trying to reach out more I got hurt badly an shut everyone out for about six years

Please dont hurt me I don't need it nor want it, talk to me?
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