My name is Emma. If you didn't already know. I'm fifteen. I write for fun, it's been a hobby of mine since I was nine. I enjoy video-games, psychology, heavy music, art, and Netflix. You'll find me 99.5% of my time on my laptop in my room on Tumblr, Netflix, or playing PlayStation. Big Lord of the rings fan, Bioshock fan, and Destiny fanatic.  I enjoy watching Vanoss, h2o delirious, SSSniperwolf, and PewdiePie. I wear too much black, swear too much. I stay up too late, and when I start reading a book I don't know how to put it down. I am currently in a billion fandoms right now. So please, keep new ones away from me. I really enjoy being by myself. I enjoy the little things in life. I enjoy full moons, and rainy days. I am a freshmen in High School, but wish I was a freshmen in College. I don't have much to tell you really. I'm really nice when you get to know me.
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The Bad Boy Is My Best Friend? (revising)

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Description: ~*Warning~* This book is under construction. You have been warned. The book is only 7/25 parts edited. So if you read it will be a train wreck, proceed with caution. Also I'll be extended the book with more chapters. New ending and new details. Stay...


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My poems, enjoy ~Emmakay911

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

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His mother always said that he had more energy than his own good. She was always so strict, but you know...

Rapture: (A Bioshock Fan Fic)

Rapture: (A Bioshock Fan Fic)

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What if Jack wasn't the only one who survived that plane crash? What if someone else made it out alive t...

I took down some books, (Bad boy has a secret, f*ck it list, etc.) They're all drafts so no worries. I'll be working on them behind the scenes, and then publishing when ready. But for now I did leave up my poems, my Bioshock fan fiction, roger rabbit, and of course The Bad Boy Is My Best Friend? I will be updating my Bioshock fiction, and Roger Rabbit. I didn't give up on them. I've just had writer's block with them.
Hey how's it going everyone? I'm getting really great feedback and support from you guys on The Bad Boy Is My Best-friend? I would just like to thank you guys. I would like to apologize for the slow updates. I published a chapter yesterday and now I have a new one today!  I hope you guys enjoy, leave a vote if you did, and comment? ~EmmaKay