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Hi! My name is Elytsiah (Elite-see-ah) Jayne. I love writing and reading. I am a terrible speller. I am a spaz, and totally random and weird. But if you get to know me you see this insecure girl with not to many friends, and prefers books to boys. I am almost 15 years old and my birthday is June 27th. I love writing Romance. Horror. Harry Potter Fanfictions. And just random Teen stories which are so popular. 

"Live for today for tomorrow may never come" ~Ducky

"Rags cannot hide her gentle grace" ~Snow White

"Today you are the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be again. ~Anon. 

"I want to wrap you up, want to kiss your lips, I want to make you feel wanted" ~Hunter Hayes

"Oi! There is a war going on here!" ~Harry Freaking Potter

"Your past doesn't define you, Look ahead for the future, for Life is mean to be lived forward not backward." ~Me, EJ
I love:
Learning New Languages
Hanging out with my friends
Annoying My Family (:

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Check out my book ~Breaking Me Down~ 5 chapthers 

 My Guardian Angel~ 3 pages Comment/Review/Vote/Fan

If your looking for Horror/Paranormal stories then look no farther then my newest book: The Spooky Supernatural (Collection of Spooky Stories) 

NEW STORY ALERT!  Keep Holding on, A Daughter's Love. So, far very short with only 5 parts/5 pages. But, maybe you will like it and help my story grow! :)
I love all of my fans (14) <3
They are awesome and supportive of my books!
Welll i guess that is about it 


Keep Holding On {A Daughter's Love}

Keep Holding On {A Daughter's Love}

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 18, 2012
395 reads votes 4 comments 10
"A Love Worth Waiting For" {A Harry Potter Fanfiction}

"A Love Worth Waiting For" {A Harry Potter Fanfiction}

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 31, 2012G
Neville Longbottom, is a shy, sweet, but klutzy kid. He always thought he was a Squib and was happy to learn he wasn't and that he was going to Hog... read more
243 reads votes 7 comments 10
The Spooky Supernatural (A Collection Of Spooky Stories)

The Spooky Supernatural (A Collection Of Spooky Stories)

15 parts / 15 pages, updated Jan 01, 2012PG-13Completed
Some of these stories i made up myself...others are local tall tell or legends....others are ones that we should all know by heart..One thing... read more
3,365 reads votes 34 comments 23
My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Dec 23, 2011
Annaleise Wilson has had a awful life. Her parents died when she was two years old. And she was brought up instead by her Grandparents. her Grandma cant stand her and her Grampy has been dying for the past few months. What will happen to her next?
331 reads votes 4 comments 22
~Breaking Me Down~

~Breaking Me Down~

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 11, 2011G
Eliza Province was your normal 15 year old girl. Raised in a small Alabama town she had the perfect family. A doting, loving mother. A twin brother Elijah who is her... read more
449 reads votes 6 comments 25
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Keep Holding On {A Daughter...

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