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23-year-old pseudo-adult, grad student, writer, and word search enthusiast. 

Forever devastated over the loss of inkpop though I will eventually settle in here. Will also eventually learn to make better looking covers. Be patient, my friends.


From an Empty Bed

From an Empty Bed

16 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 05, 2014PGCompleted
Subpar, 3 AM poetry penned under the influence of Jack Daniels (and a few less awesome men). *Note: There is a fair amount of quoted material throughout this collectio... read more
90 reads votes 0 comments 0


2 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 03, 2014PG
Brynn Vanderburg has lived a charmed life as the eldest daughter of A-list Hollywood couple, Sigourney and Nathaniel Vanderburg. At just nineteen years old, she already has a starr... read more
169 reads votes 2 comments 4


2 pages, updated Sep 11, 2012PGVideoCompleted
A segmented essay I wrote for Creative Nonfiction Workshop, broken into the months spent with a boy who, naturally, turned out to be less than wonderful.
36 reads votes 0 comments 0
Letters to You

Letters to You

10 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 12, 2012PGCompleted
I fell in love at seventeen and it was terribly inconvenient. Parts of these letters have made their way into some of my fictional work and also some later poetry. Maybe ... read more
148 reads votes 0 comments 0
Meet Me at the Lighthouse

Meet Me at the Lighthouse

1 page, updated Apr 22, 2012PGCompleted
The first flash fiction piece I wrote for my creative writing class. The assignment was to write a story/scene that happens in one place. The description of the... read more
75 reads votes 1 comments 4
Carolina Summer

Carolina Summer

6 pages, updated Mar 03, 2012PGCompleted
Fresh off the heels of his sophomore year at the University of Baltimore, Tanner Coyne is not thrilled about returning to North Carolina for the summer. Being home means ... read more
238 reads votes 7 comments 2


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Thank you very much! :) I'm aiming for an update by Sunday evening. Keep an eye out, and thank you for reading. xx

Thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate it. xx

@_Flieder_ Thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)
Meet Me at the Lighthouse

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