I live on Disney, Dole Whips, Harry Potter, Starkid Musicals, and crying over awe inspiring Country's Got Talent videos. I also have a penchant for Tumblr and fanfiction, I inhale that.

“Be like the flower
who even gives its fragrance
to the hand that crushes it.”
— 	 Imam Ali 


All of my covers are beautifully made by IsabellaEvans.
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Easy on My Heart

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Description: Easy on Herman. Not only do you hear the boy band name everywhere, they have possessed girl's hearts from ages six and up. They have invaded the world, invaded every girl's minds. To Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Everywhere. But of course, in their...

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Acantha Reynolds had no hope of ever becoming normal. Acantha Reynolds had not a single ounce of hope of...

A Monster's Love: XxSkater2Girl16xX One-Shot Contest

A Monster's Love: XxSkater2Girl16xX One-Shot Contest

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What would you do for love? Anything, really. What if you have to kill such innocent people for your lov...

ElloThere commented on Love in Hell - Sequel?

I think a lot of people didn't exactly want a romantic/happy ending, but questions to be answered. Why did you mention Rachel in the story if she had no actual benefit for Gabriella in the end? Did the whole soul mate thing exist? Why was there a need to add Lucifer's conflicting POV? Wouldn't Damien's POV be redundant since those were never really his actual thoughts? Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing, and you are the author, I get it. Maybe do a Q&A?
ElloThere commented on Love in Hell - The End

I believe the ending was inconclusive, too much questions were left unanswered. I enjoyed your writing, but this felt more like a climactic point… and  there was no falling action and resolution. I love plot twists,  but this plot twist… idk. I'll stay tuned for a sequel if anything. xx