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Studying the past like a maniac because he now has this realization in life that reality is now what we call fantasy and that those fantasies that we take as "just fantasies" are nothing but the truth.
He now comprehends the REAL DEAL... Maybe he can wake you up from your living nightmare?
My friends your life is in DELUSION...

note: I'm living my 16th year of existence in this world....
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@JeanaReiSamaCortez yeah, i'll sure do but unfortunately, i've been working on my research paper lately about secret societies and doesn't seem to...
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@JeanaReiSamaCortez okay okay... LOL, hahaha..! xD i'm just stating the similarities between the two... and i didn't say that you're a copycat......
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Baskervilles... = St. Vasklie?? o.O??
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Oh I see the connection... Pandora Hearts: The Abyss that is in a different dimension distorted in time as The Tower here in the story and the...
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Don't get me wrong here, I do not intend to spoil the fun but as far as I've read, I can see some similarities from the anime: Pandora Hearts. The...
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