**I'm 19 now and so embarrassed of this bio. Lol. No one cares 16 year old Lola!!!!!***
      HEY HEY
      So let me tell you about Moi!!
      My secret name is Lola
      I just turned 16!
      Um I am a very quite, calm, sweet, nice, and lovely person.........Ahahahaah who am I kidding? I m a total wacko. I am the exact opposite. I m Crazy always jumping off the walls and hyper all the time. I'm always laughing and people say it's really loud and I can't help it, I find everything funny. You can make me laugh easily. I get distracted a lot and daydream. But my friends tell me that I m great. I m not really nice. I tend to be very sarcastic and make fun of everything but I m not mean. I get guilty easily and I hate that. I love acting it's my passion.
      So here r my fave things that I can think of right now:
      Fave artist: 
      Taylor Swift
      Selena Gomez
      Lady Gaga
      Owl City
      Jay Sean
      Bruno Mars
      Britney Spears
      Pretty much I love all music except heavy metal and rap and country. 
      Fave actor:
      Jonny Depp
      Michel J Fox
      Tobby McGuire
      Leo DiCaprio
      Fave actress:
      Kristen Stewart
      Kara knightly 
      Rachel McAdams
      Fave Youtuber:
      That dude is talented.
      Favorite movie:
      Twilight Eclipse ( by far the best twilight movie )
      Back to the Future
      Breaking Dawn
      Mean girls
      30 days of night
      The devil
      Case 39
      I know what you did last summer
      goosebumps ( If u considers that a movie )
      And too many to name
      Fave books:
      The Twilight Saga
      Vampire Academy
      Vampire Kisses
      House Of Night
      The EverMore Series
      The Sucks To be me Books
      Yes I'm obsessed with vampire books!!
      And I can't remember anymore. O well
      Skinny jeans and a cute shirt
      Oooooo one more thing I wanted to share i love the twilight series and Edward my husband. Yes we got married but Edward propsed first so I said Yes. Deal with it and Back Away!! Lol. 
      I m planing to write a story; hoping people will like it. So watch out for it.
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