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Hai stalkers of Wattpad! ^.^
So this is my awesome bio:

I like Music... A lot! 
I'm energetic so don't feed me cookies. But you should.  #TwerkTeam #TeamBreezy #TeamGod
Bi? Gay? Loves you all the same:)
Forever single >_<
I hate skittles! Eww
I think guys with Green or Blue eyes are cute. 
Who says you need abs? 
My Bestfriends are the best! 
I'm a very Akward person so you should Message me •_~ 
Look Cat Mouse ---> =^_^=  <:3)~
Ya Forever Alone....
I think Moist is the WORST word anyone could use! 
I like saying Swaggie instead of Swag. Swag feels so... Weird. 
Everyone's beautiful! Don't ever think different<33
Me Gusta•_•
14 and not very mature.... Kidding... Maybe
I dont like the song Call Me maybe yet it's so catchy. 
I tend to ramble a lot....
People say I'm a sexy Mofo, I say I like the way you lie. 

Loading Sexy........
██████████████████ 100%

A boy has "swag", a man has "style", and a gentleman has "class."

Don't H8 my Swag!... Jk I don't have any.

|0| Drowning Man. *|o|* Drowning Chearleader. 

Alright bye Lovies!
Peace, Love, and Swaggie <3

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I love this quote

@profeshfangirl_ OMG YES. You made my night
This • hemmings

Poison- Harry Styles

I think Monster by Skillet would be such a great song for Four and Harry
Poison- Harry Styles