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First Name: Samantha 

Age: 14

Bands: My Chemical Romance , Katy Perry, Panic @ the Disco, Saosin , Hey Monday, Automatic Loveletter, Christina Perri , Rocket to the moon, Boys like girls, Secret Handshake, Confide, The Sounds, The Hush Sound, Shiny Toy Guns, Kings Of Leon, Linkin Park, Blink-182, Forever The Sickest Kids, Breathe Carolina, Metro Station, The Used, Emery, Emmure, Metric, Oberhofer, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber (pahahahhahhaha jking i hate him), and MANY MANY MANY more!

Loves: Dancing! More Dancing! Being Herself. Music I Completely Adore music! I Practically Love ALL Types Of Music I Don't Really Like Country Though Some Of It Is Good Though!! I Love The State Oklahoma I used to live there but we moved to Texas :) :) ( i got annoyed of clicking 'caps lock' at the beginning at EVERY single word haha) I cant help but LLOOVVEE food haha who doesnt? (im not fat btw) I adore arrogant guys and 

Hates: Stupid people , ugly stupid people, jerky girls, racist , people who make me mad (which is ALOT of people! I hate annoying people sooo much!!!!

 I think 5,5 maybe 5,6 idk?
Am i Awesome?: WELL DURR!!! haha jking! I LOVE grey's anatomy..hmm Im obsessed with dancing! I love to watch guys fight it makes me laugh especially if they are hot guys teehee!
I have a weird thing where i have to take a shower EVERY night im weird about that.

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