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I like Pandas. I am obsessed with music, i like anime, video games, drawing, archery, pandas, Pokemon, my amazing friends and alot of things, ect.
.,. If you read any of my stories, do not be surprised if you see any of these things as a picture or somehow placed into my stories. 
P.S. some of the stories I write are a bit on the darker side. 

Musicians I like:

Framing Hanley,
Marianas Trench,
Bay Raiders,
Rookie Of The Year, 
Natalie Grant,
Amy Woods,
Snow White's Poison Bite,
Steven Curtis Chapman,
Tracy Chapman,
Eric Clapton,
Fit For Rivals, 
Sleeping With Sirens,
Secondhand Serenade,
Peirce The Veil,
30 Seconds to Mars, 
Maroon 5,
System Of a Down,
Saving Abel,
Tokio Hotel,
Memphas Mayfire,
Halley Williams/Paramore,
Clay Akien,
Mercy Me,
Matthew West,
The Cab
Aaron Shust,
Madina Lake,
Barlow Girl,
Black Veil Brides,
Cash Cas,
Dan Fogelberg,
Deathcab for Cutie,
Enrique Ingelsias,
Every Avenue,
Green Day,
Jason Derulo,
Kill Paradise,
Linkin Park,
Montgomery Gentry,
Hunter Hayes,
Martina McBride,
Blake Shelton,
Maroon 5,
My Chemical Romance,
Panic at The Disco,
Relient K,
Owl City,
One Repulic,
The Blackout,
The Audition,
Stars Go Dim,
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,
The Summer Set,
The Wanted, 
The White Tie Affair,
Thousand Foot Krutch,
Three Days Grace,
Fallout Boy,
Sleeping With Sirens,
Sixx A.M.,
You Me At Six,
Imagine Dragons,
Todd Agnew,
Phil Whickham,
James Blunt,
Blake Shelton,

and MANY others.

The music these bands preform will be referenced to in my stories without a doubt. I will post what song and artist is used so if you like my writing, or find a song that would fit with a character or scene, feel free to post who preforms it, what song it is. You might get a dedication for it
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Description: There is not much to know. Except maybe a few things: One- My name is Juliet. Two- Romeo can just go get run over by a goat. I hate him. Three- My two best friends are the only things keeping me from finding a goat to run the Evil in the second note...

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Who said listening to music in the school hall was a bad thing?

Who said listening to music in the school hall was a bad thing?

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Rayne is not the average high schooler, as a junior in high school, rayne is figuring out how to balanc...

She wants me dead, He wants me as his slave, the other's in love with me!
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Angel's Destiny

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Without even thinking about it I gulped down the content of the glass in one shot, coughing afterwards, my throat burning, but wanting to just get out of here already. I wasn’t just going to let Blak...
o.o thats aweful im sorry

"We got the call at the restaurant... Jay and Kay had an accident... I learned just few years back that it was a drunk driver... anyway, the guy lost control of the car, and crashed into the one with...
ohhh okay. thanks.

When I was changed, I hung my jeans and shirt on top of a chair and sat on another one, looking at Blake in the pool, lighten by the stars up in the sky and the few lamps around, marvelling over the...
that did cross my mind. so basically shes just getting the clothes she borrowed wet too.....gah i just thought if stuff Blake might say. DX xD pfhahahahah

"You know what? I'm going to tell it to you a thousand times that way if it's an insult you'll just finally freaking comply and tell me what it means"
rofl cant breathe laughing to hard xD oh geez that is just perfect hahaha xD

That day at school felt pretty darn freaking long. School sucked. Major balls. Even more today. Today school was like a cheap fifty year old hoe with no teeth left. But she made more money because of...
@_Not_Too_Normal_ hahahahhahah! prefect. xD that song hahaha.

"You know... I have this dream all the time... I'm in the car with Jay, not Kendall... and then we have the accident together, and he drags me out of the car... and I scream at him to not go back and...
right. ok thats why i was confused. been a long time since ive read this.