I WILL BE IN SPAIN UNTIL THE END OF JAN. I will continue Child Snatchers once I return from Spain.

What Writing Means To Me:

It's like a part of my soul and mind crying into the paper and no one noticing it :} 
Writing makes me feel like less of a broken person.
It's so soothing...and a way to get rid of the pain without having to tell someone.
Writing is a way for me to stay. Writing is a life saver for me.
If I did not have writing, I don't know what would happen to me. 
I wouldn't be me without writing though.
I would be more broken.
I would be shattered. 
Writing makes me me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Writing is my way of crying.
Writing is my way of begging for help.
Writing is my silent therapist.
Writing saves me over and over again.
Writing is a life saver.

I get hurt easily.
I can't vent to people.
I can't talk to people.
I don't think I would be able to even explain how I got hurt.
It just happens from one simple word here and there.
It happens from me over thinking things.
That's when writing is there for me.
I can just pour all my feelings into a story.
and life is suddenly better.
It doesn't matter what I'm writing,
life gets better when my emotions turn into a story.
Writing is my life saver.

~*~R.I.P. Grandma Shirley (May 9, 1930- April 23, 2012)~*~
~*~ R.I.P Uncle Dave (May 16, 1955- June 14, 2012) ~*~
~*~ R.I.P "Great" Grandma Faye (May 1, 1916- July 13, 2012)~*~
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Description: A/N: I am currently backpacking in Spain. I will return at the end of Jan to continue writing. Sorry for the inconvenience! Going on a run one evening in a new town, Lysh ends up lost in the middle of nowhere with no way to get back. Luckily, some...

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Back from Spain! I will start uploading again soon! I have to finish all my homework by the end of the day today (a months worth of homework) and then I will get to work!
Wattpad is a buttface and won't let me log in with my friend's computer... I'm sorry for not being able to post the prologue I made for child snatchers! Wattpad and my laptop are hating... hopefully I can post it when I get back from Spain!
I have officially started the rewrite of Child Snatchers for all interested! The first chapter has been posted so feel free to check it out!

I hope you all had or are having wonderful holidays!

I was going to put my NaNoWriMo novel up here, but I'm 10k words in and it won't make sense to anyone but me unless I edit it. So after November there might be a new story coming out!