My favorite flower is a rose, blood red. i don't yet have a favourite movie i love most genres like romance, action, horro, family and  comedy. The same goes for the books that i read oh and plus mystery. My favourite animal is a wolf. 

I never had a boyfriend, never been kissed.

In highschool trying to follow my dream of being a writer which i have a passion for. 

Then there is the music but it's every where, but different types for everyone music is who we are, with every fibar in our being there is a bit of music somewhere but, it's magic because it can make us feel without even trying. 

Not a very loud person, but when i want to be i can.

I have hazel eyes
Shoulder length brown hair
Not very tall
I don't have a problem with people different as me, to me there just the same

I have a creative mind, and can come in handy
Everyone is free to flirt with me, 
I love making people happy

My favourite tye of food is Italian like pizza and East side marios. I love junk food like chips and that, my favourite kind is Ruffles All dressed and my favourite pop is Coke.

I live in canada ontario, toronto.
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Description: Well two people who have never hardly enknowlegded the others excistence meet and fall in love but they just don't know it. Was it really the first time they meet eachother in public. Will there be any one trying to get in the way of that. This sto...

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