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My name is Erin, as you probably might've seen up there. -points- I am twenty years old and I am female... Last time I checked. :I

I am an avid roleplayer so I get some of my story ideas from some of my roleplays. I can be found on a pet website known as Rescreatu under the username Dragonstar. I will most likely be lurking in the roleplay forums. o3o

I love to write. But sometimes I have difficulty finishing stories I do write... ^^; Hopefully I can get around that and finish some of the stuff I started. Anyway. I also love reading. My favourite genres by far are Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Though I also like Horror and Romance. C:

 @Drakanealv2 will hold all my poems, rants, fanfictions, and short stories.

--- None yet.

Working on;
[WSoM] Warring State of Mind

On Hold;
[LvS] Light vs Shadows
[BnT] Broken and Tangled

[WSC] Worlds & Species Codex

Note:: I make my own book covers. So the three you see below and the ones coming in the future are all made by me. I made them on Paint.NET with the font from and the pictures from various websites.


Warring State of Mind

Warring State of Mind

5 parts / 13 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014R
Erishi Kailen is a Battle-Born Assassin; born to a human father and a High-Born Lady mother. A half-breed Chakaala born into the profession and trained by the most r... read more
37 reads votes 4 comments 0
Broken and Tangled [On Hold for Possible Revision]

Broken and Tangled [On Hold for Possible Revision]

5 parts / 11 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013R
Suffering and grieving, a girl just lost her insanely wealthy parents. How? Well… they were assassinated by a group of people whose name i... read more
59 reads votes 4 comments 0
Light vs. Shadows [On Hold for Possible Revision]

Light vs. Shadows [On Hold for Possible Revision]

8 parts / 20 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013PG-13
When the race of Man was in its early ages, a terrible, evil creature controlled all the darkest, most dangerous things imaginable. The crea... read more
169 reads votes 7 comments 0
Miscellaneous Things; A Collection of Random Nonsense

Miscellaneous Things; A Collection of Random Nonsense

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Jun 16, 2013PG-13
Basically just a place where I can upload things when I get an idea and don't want to loose it... Or something along those lines.
129 reads votes 6 comments 0
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Max is sooo sweet~

-flails around happily- Thanks for the dedication~ Though, I'm not as caught up on this book as I'd like to be. That'll have to be remedied soon...

Seriously Hunter? You think she's lying about her own pregnancy? Stupid male.
Titus: Book Two of the Cant...

Team Kale. o3o If Declan wants Emberlynn to like him, then he shouldn't have forcibly taken her from her old pack. :I
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