~Heya! My name is Sierra

~I'm 17 years old

~I'm in love with my cat Domino.(He is soooooo CUTE!!!!)


~I'm tottally OBSESSED with the Twilight Saga and the Vampire Diaries.

~I am really fun to hang out with( you can even ask my dear friends)

~I love to write stories

~Feel free to chat with me and comment and vote on my stories (;

~I am the author of the Eternal Night Society, the Eternal Love Saga, And Stolen!!!!

~I am secretly the Parvus which is Princess Vasilissa Kathrine O'Callahn(Half human and half Mori vampire) read my next story to find out what th heck this is. =)

~And of course I am obsessed with The Hunger Games and I am currently working on a fanfic=P

~I love HARRY POTTER and I was placed into Slytherin house on pottermore.com.<~~~~ friend me there too! my username is CatGoblet26971 !!!!

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...S...Obsession over vampires
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Only the Stong Will Survive: Tribute Guide to the Seventy Sixth Hunger Games

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Description: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark have failed with their pettiful rebellion. The Capitol has steped in to restore chaos into peace. But with every wrong comes punishment from the President Snow. He has decided that Katniss and all of Panem has given...

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Only the Strong Will Survive

Only the Strong Will Survive

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