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Naive Treachery: Embracing the Darkness ユウキ

Naive Treachery: Embracing the Darkness ユウキ

7 parts / 18 pages, updated Jul 18, 2013PG-13Pictures
The enemy was frightened to the core at how the gentle boy looked now. Paler than snow were his skin and hair, redder than red were his eyes. A little bit more and Yūki perhaps could've been a demon in the snow.
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@Lilminprogress No problem, :D.
Naive Treachery: Embracing ...

@ChristyNguyen9 Thank you for reading! Anyway, we're already two minds that are writing this story, and pretty much have worked out what will...
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@SaikaKouzlo But Oreo's gonna be good to him, so 'tis okay! X3 @Prodigy1322 Thank you! :3
Naive Treachery: Embracing ...

@TheLittleAlcoholian Oh, no prob ;) And I, Kristin, is happy you could read my story, though it's only to understand NT better, 'tis still the...
Naive Treachery: Embracing ...

@TheLittleAlcoholian Haha, it seems you haven't read my (Kristin's) story, DAS :)) Well, NT is actually a part of DAS, and to understand this...
Naive Treachery: Embracing ...