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I am leaving Wattpad for a bit. I may come back. I may not be able too. I am sorry. Thank u Sabz. I will always love u Austin... 

Hello future rapists of whatever nation you come from. xD
I am Jose. xD And I am doing Dessy's profile about me shit. 

Her name is Desiree, and only I have the right to call her Dessy.
She's fucking beautiful, and amazing, and funny. ;D ♥
Tell her otherwise and I'll slap you. Dx

She's seventeen years old. 
Old enough to be important. I mean, very important, bitch.
She lives in The UNITED states.
Where Obama fucking rules. Fuck republican bitches. xD
Her music choices are very good. 
Except one direction. And Justin BOOBER. 
Because they can suck my dick. xD 
She falls in love super easy♥ 
She loves disney movies, as do I. BUT SHH. No telling people, because then they might make fun of me and I'll sit in a corner and cry like Alice, and then I'll wonder why I cried so fucking much. :c
She's also so hyper and it's hilarious honestly, and she plays basketball on the guy's team. o:
She can't dance for shit, and although she's a major flirt, don't take it to heart. She's not taken and straight as a ruler. Just can't bend her backwards ladies. You can make her queef though. xD

♥ Smiles. ♥ Bows. ♥ Cats. ♥ Tigers. ♥ Bunnies. ♥ 

She's really sweet and so so so sensitive. Please don't hurt her, unless you want to be murdered.
She's such an amazing person, and she loves to make friends. Talk to her, okay? 
You honestly won't regret it. xD ( You Wont! And if you do i'll just make time go back for chu, s'okay?)


Dear Dessy. 

You're honestly gorgeous, babe. You're funny and you're so true to yourself. Don't ever let anyone use you and don't ever let anyone hurt you, and if they just so happen to, send them to me and I'll fuck their faces up, because you're honestly too good for that shit. Too damn good okay? ♥

- @wokeupcute_

~~~My Dear friend @wokeupcute_ left wattpad... but im keeping this bio..


10 Day Letter Challenge

10 Day Letter Challenge

1 page, updated Apr 21, 2013
Just a couple of letters to my best friend, crush, parents, siblings, ect. :) enjoy xx
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Lately I've Been Going Crazy

Lately I've Been Going Crazy

3 parts / 1 page, updated Apr 19, 2013G
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Love. Sorrow. Death

Love. Sorrow. Death

2 parts / 1 page, updated Dec 06, 2012
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