Hey I'm moo (really my name is moo)
I love to read an hopefully be able to write a good story for anyone willing to read
butterflies are kinda my thing
framing hanley is my all time favorate band (so far)
born in 1996 if anyone cares some ppl put their age but I'm too lazy to change it every year =/
my quote that I live by "strangers are friends you have yet to meet" I have not been kidnaped or raped yet in case ur wondering ;)
and lastly I am a bad ass ASIAN!! (I'm not really a bad ass I just like telling ppl I am =] )
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Did You Kill My Family?

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Description: Amy's parents died in a freak accident when she was 6 on their way back to New York from a trip to Florida. They had left her with her godmother so she survived. A few months after her parents deaths, an uncle she had never met showed up to take her...

Domoluver116 commented on Forever Night Stand - Chapter 45

I lowered my lips to hers, kissing her so lovingly that I felt a resurgence of tears. She didn't protest; she wanted this just as much as I wanted it. I wanted to do that for years.
Why does he keep torturing himself? TT-TT
I feel so bad for both of them and this book gets sadder and sadder the more I read but my heart swells at the same time at how much he loves her! complements to the author!

“Summer,” Zander spoke my name smoothly with so much love.  A feeling of need flashed through my body, and I wrapped my arms around Zander’s neck, pulling him down on top of me, pressing my li...
@Smurf312 ugh she really is completely different =_=