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Name Olivia
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Well I love Harry Potter. Nuff said.

If you're into Harry Potter fanfiction go check out She'll Know Someday by pottersocks1256. Not just because I get to help with it ;)

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RiddlesWhat's Happining to My Life- Draco Malfoy's Life After the WarTry And Tame The Terrors **Harry Potter/George Weasley Story** (BOOK3)A Chance Encounter

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Try And Tame The Terrors **Harry Potter/George Weasley Story** (BOOK3)A Life That's Happy And Unfair **Harry Potter/George Weasley Story**(BOOK2)Unbreakable Vows (Tom Felton)A Chance Encounter

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I do too! She is soooooo cool!
Try And Tame The Terrors **...

I mostly give ideas now :3 I created Alex because I begged her to let me have a character XP

Haha you should have chosen a different character and put socks ont he end to join the club. Do you like the series?

So i could say the same to you :P

Guys please use logic. Why would Dumbledore give them an allowance? Just because pottersocks said 'to Hogwarts' does not mean that it was...
A Life That's Happy And Unf...