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Well I love Harry Potter. Nuff said.

If you're into Harry Potter fanfiction go check out She'll Know Someday by pottersocks1256

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RiddlesWhat's Happining to My Life- Draco Malfoy's Life After the War (ON HOLD!)Try And Tame The Terrors **Harry Potter/George Weasley Story** (BOOK3)A Chance Encounter

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That's nice.
A Life That's Happy And Unf...

I do too! She is soooooo cool!
Try And Tame The Terrors **...

I mostly give ideas now :3 I created Alex because I begged her to let me have a character XP

Guys please use logic. Why would Dumbledore give them an allowance? Just because pottersocks said 'to Hogwarts' does not mean that it was...
A Life That's Happy And Unf...

Pottersocks is well aware of this because we have actually read the books, which is the source tbh as it mentions it when they arrive. Anywhoooo...
She'll Know Someday **Harry...