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Hello <3

My Name is Toria and I write stories. Writing is my life (aside from reading and music).

My favite singers evere are Taylor Swift and One Direction and Ed Sheeran. I also love artists like Adam Lamber or Avril Lavigne. Im a huge country girl (i WAS born in Alabama) so I love Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood along with Hunter Haynes (that boy is FINE), Keith Urban and MANY more.

If I could, I would live at the Library, I read like 24/7 and when inspiration strikes I will write non stop for days on end (occasionally at the expence of my grades)

I love the color red and long sleeved sweaters with shorts. 

Three things that piss me off: 1. pronouncing his name Lewis..... it's LOUIS. GET. IT. RIGHT. 2. Insulting my friends.... I will rip your fucking head off. 3. Obortion. Its stupid. Period. No debating it.

My bff Emily helps with the writing on a couple of stories so I'll give her credit when do :p

My family actually does foster care so in my stories that have foster care in them..... I know what I'm talking about so don't try to correct me. I'm also very thoughough in what I write about. I like the facts to be right. 

Sorry if I suck.

Love you forever and always




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Forever Home

Forever Home

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Cloe buried her head in her hands and silently cried. She was scared. Cloe didn’t like to trust people. Whenever she trusted someone, it always came crumbling down. No matter... read more
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