hey I'm Vampire Princess, daughter of night <3
-i love to read and write stories, please read mine!
-I own two black male cats named Raven and Salem<3
-my favorite colors are red as in blood , green and silver as in slytherin, and blue as in the ocean <3
-I love meeting new people so if you want to be friends or just got some awesome ideas about my stories please message me! ^-^
-I am here almost all the time when I am not its not my fault, something had happened Dx please don't be mad! :)
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White Wolf Tears(Editing!)

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Description: Okay as of 5/24/2015 I had begun editing this story, a lot is being added a lot is being changed! I had figured a way to connect this one and Royal Vampire tears even more other then Haven is this stories lost princess she will be a bit different as...


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Royal Vampire Tears

Royal Vampire Tears

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Haven Trent was a normal human girl, she had friends and family everything a girl could ask for... What...

      Okay as of 5/24/15 I am editing this book to make it better and longer! I will try to keep as much of it the same as I can but no promises! The book of Alea's daughter will be discontinued until I have this one fixed! Shouldn't take me to long if I fix 3-4 maybe 5-7 chapters a day! I hope I can get this done as fast as I can so that it is better made, as of now if you think I should change anything comment now! I am hopping by june 16 I will have this story fully edited and everything if  you have new idea's please comment what chapter and what ya want done to it! Thank you so much for your support and everything else!