Status: Is it weird that when i saw the word tropical i thought of a juice box? O.o (1 year ago)


Name Max.....That dude drinking a juice box
Location waiting to ninja attack you
Birthday Nov 29
Member Since Nov 25, 2012
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Hiii person i don't know :3   
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so apparently you want to know stuff about me....creepy pedo haha just playing.......maybe

I like pizza even tho it probably doesn't like me for eating it. I am 99.95% sure brownie mix came from elf's O.O . Im sarcastic, funny(sometimes), corny, GAY (so i don't want ur lady parts. If you don't like it feck off), I wish i had blue eyes(stupid genetics). I'm not much of a writer but i love to read so if you ever have anything you want read, send it my way.
According to my friends, I'm easy to talk to, so if you ever need someone to just listen to you vent all the rage and sadness out, i'm your guy ^_^!
There's not much to say about me.


Im 17  not legal..yet (well i was until i moved)
i'm dirty minded sometimes
I get bored easily so try to keep me entertained   
I'm not that much of a flirt so  it's kind of hard to tell if someone is flirting with  me :3 sorry 
I get shy sometimes >.< (trust me you will know if i get shy)

ummm...ok that's it. OH yeah i have a bit of an Irish accent from my dad. I was born in Dundalk, Ireland. but i moved to the states with my parents a while back

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PBT ARMY!!! .....sorry dave :)