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Okay you random creepers and amazing fans, I'm deciding to start all over, and rewrite my bio thing...

Rawrr, yep, that picture up there and my background is me.
Pfft, no my name isn't Dimples, but you can feel free to call me that. 
I only reveal my real name to the people I like.  SO don't ask.  

I like:
-Blue (Any kind of blue really)
-My Future Piano
-Sense Of Humor
-Demi Lovato (That girl inspires me)
-Singing- It's a hobby! Might become famous one day. Watch out, Cuties 
-Scary Movies
-Video Chatting
-Babies! Animals, Human, Aliens, Monster. I like all sorts of babies
-Ellen DeGeneres Show 
-A ton others that I'm too lazy too list. 

I'm straight. I'm only 14 (so no funny business). Also...


But I support any gay or bi people out there.
I also support "emo" people

To the world, I'm that dirty-minded, cheeky, and talkative nerd. Always will be. 
In my room, I'm a girl who feels unwanted at times. 
And I'm a messy person.. :L *GASP* Doesn't seem like it, does it? ;D 

I'm all up for PERFORMING ARTS! Hey, I might not be that athletic, but I've got my artsy side. (:
No...that doesn't mean I draw. Cause, trust me...I don't. Even if I do, I suck at it. 

Do me a favor and fan @KatieBearLove (My Wattpad Bestie), @CorinaRobert (We Talk A LOT), @Cest_Lamour, @Benevolent123 (6th Grade Bestiee), @Walking0nWater (We Go The Random Way), @NerdyNinja1, and @BadUsername (My Friend Who Discovered I'm An Alien). They're pretty cool people. Talk to them, and you'll find out :3

Hell yeah, I do fan-backs. 
I appreciate all the votes, reads, and fans I get <3 
If you ever have a question or wanna talk...Hmu (: I always reply. << As much as I remember o.O 

Anyway my fellow stalker (That I'm sure I'll love!), since you've gotten all the way down here...
You won't mind fanning me, now will ya? (^.^) 

Later for now! 

-Dimples  ❤


Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Story *Discontinued :(*

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Story *Discontinued :(*

44 parts / 43 pages, updated Nov 26, 2013PG-13
Justin wrapped his warm hands around my waist. "I could be your boyfriend.", he said, his breath touching my neck. Which sent chills d... read more
255,938 reads votes 1,390 comments 137
❤ My Book Of Poetry ❤

❤ My Book Of Poetry ❤

7 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 02, 2013G
My Original Poems. <33
512 reads votes 55 comments 37
The Truth Hurts **DISCONTINUED**

The Truth Hurts **DISCONTINUED**

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Jan 26, 2013PG-13
I've just been through his neighborhood..twice. My high school crush. He's one of the only people in the world that gave me a reason to live. But fate's been ... read more
350 reads votes 21 comments 16
My Book Of Quotes (Original, I Promise)

My Book Of Quotes (Original, I Promise)

1 page, updated Jan 17, 2013G
These are original quotes. I swear. And pleaseeeeeeee, I beg you. Do not use any of these quotes without asking me FIRST. Do comment and vote. And once again, do not rip me off. Or I will use copyright against you... Thank You<3
58 reads votes 5 comments 2
No Idea (A Poem)

No Idea (A Poem)

1 page, updated Oct 22, 2012
This poem is for another best friend. Unlike my other best friend, this one is still by my side. Not that I'm blaming my other best friend for parting away. I miss him, and... read more
33 reads votes 4 comments 4
I Still Remember - Atty Awards 2012-

I Still Remember - Atty Awards 2012-

1 page, updated Jul 23, 2012GCompleted
It's a poem. I wrote a few minutes before I went to sleep. Mostly because my sleep faded away, when my best friend did. I wrote this at a time when I was... read more
239 reads votes 21 comments 31
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@RoosaJBieber @yoloswagg12 Sorry guys, school is starting. And along with school...begins complications :/
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@icecream222571 Thank you ! Every compliment means a lot(:
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@yoloswagg12 Ahaha, awww you should. The only celebrity i know that i share birthday's with is Snoop Dogg -.- Not really feelin' all that special.
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@CorrynnJackson ^-^ Drama is our guilty pleasure, though when it actually happens in our lives...just no.
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@ILOVE1D6540 @JennyRenteria6 Of course, I will. Thank you for the awesome feedback
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