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Hi I'm Diane &'d I make a few poems, write stories, and just live life I have 3 besties who are my Twins I love them so much. I'm basically single but enjoying it If you want to know more about me then don't be afraid to msg or comment me I promise I won't bite at all!

In August Alsina Heart!! He's my Crush

Another thing I don't Sign up for Cast Calls or One Shots anymore so don't ask me Nunca Mas!

** Tαkεи Lα Pεяяαs Wifεy || Bεstiε ( 5 - 17 - 13 ] Thε σиly Wifεy hαs mi Cσяαzσи! ♥ ♥ ♥ **

Hubby || ( If anyone wants to change that lol ? ] ...

❣ My Motto " Respect a Ladii or get Disrespected by a Ladii " Est. 12 | 7 | 13 [ Don't Even Think about Stealing it or else Everyone of you will get a Fined!! ] ❣

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Plus I don't give out my Facebook Name cause Its off limits ... :(

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GoodBye - A Roc Royal Love Story - [ Starring You ] ( Completed ] Book 1

Social data: 616K reads. 6.3K votes. 659 comments.

Description: Yn Is a 19 year old girl who is dating Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior but one day she went to the Doctor and she was really devastated of what she had now she's crying her eyes out but Yn kept on thinking of how or when was she gonna say Goodbye t...


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Goodbye Season 2 - A Roc Royal Love Story ♥ ●► Book 2

Goodbye Season 2 - A Roc Royal Love Story ♥ ●► Book 2

126K 2.2K 312

It has been 2 years since Yn passed away from Cancer. Chresanto took it the hardest when Yn had died on...

Abusive :: Drama :: Freaky // Sexual ⇨ Yn Story ⇦

Abusive :: Drama :: Freaky // Sexual ⇨ Yn Story ⇦

87.3K 1K 98

Yn is dating Johnny Caine her Boyfriend and has a son name Jordan but the sad thing is that Johnny had b...

- Trust Me // A Khalil Love Story -

- Trust Me // A Khalil Love Story -

5.8K 88 26

Yn is a Seventeen year old teenager. She has two besties name Keiona and Taylor. Well Yn gets bullied by...

My Struggle, His Struggle "Our Struggle" August Alsina Urban Story

My Struggle, His Struggle "Our Struggle" August Alsina Urban Story

208 0 1

Bonita Shanae Carter, has been through hell and back a lot of things happen in her life. Protecting her...

DianeCorporan commented on Discipline [manxboy] - Not an update

You do realize that your wattpad readers / family loves you … Your stories are hella amazing and don't let someone put you down for nothing not even your family , you better keep your head held high and smile to the world cause your here for important reason hun. I've been in your place , i've done some bad things in the past that proud of . You are Not a fuck up at all!! I hope you read all these comments that you are receiving right now and be proud of what you accomplish. If you need someone to talk to msg me okay … P.S everything is gonna be alright :)