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Hidden Queen #Wattys2014All I've Never WantedMy Arranged Fiance Is An Alpha Werewolf [Book 1 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]Dark and Dangerous Love

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i didnt see it O_o and i still dont ;(
Romeo, Oh Romeo! Go die in ...

You haven't updated in like 4 months \(•_•)/
Romeo, Oh Romeo! Go die in ...

this story is so funny the part with the stapler i wouldve died if i did that to my principal
Morcroftt Hall (complete)

the french words mean:my beautiful little heart that you made​​? I jump like a butterfly when I see you and sing like madona when you give me kisses
True Mates - Editing

This like my 10th time reading I have this book saved in all my electronics and playing Evelyn also
Rock Prodigy