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Hiii!!!! My name is Tielle...*breaks down laughing* ok so maybe that’s not my real name but I would like you to call me if you please cuz believe me, my real name is pretty complicated...or maybe not. Meh, I dunno

Anywaz...I’m kinda odd. I’m the girl who doesn’t talk in class and spends most of her time reading but is always nice and polite and you know, innocent. That is if you don’t know me...I’m secretly a sarcastic bunny who’s imagination exceeds this planet...but don’t tell anyone, it would like tots blow my cover

I’m black (WOOHOO!!!) and proud I might add but unfortunately, I don’t sound like one T_T


I contradict myself a lot...

I’m pretty chill when it comes to things I should be scared off

And...hmmm...what else....Oh! I guess I’m kinda scary...I dunno, apparently people are afraid of me....I wonder why....it could be the fact that I have a monster of a big brother who broke a wrestler's arm by accident...nah, that’s not it ;)

Ok I think I’m done with my extremely boring monologue...it was pretty awful wasn’t it? 
Wait, no, I lied

Writing is my life...I need it like air, reading is like the scent of the air, it makes it all the more...you know, scenty

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Certain but Insightful (One Direction Fanfiction)

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