Hey Everyone:)
My name's Destiny. I'm gonna tell you a little or maybe a lot about myself. 
-15 years young
-I'm in the 9th grade at Washington County High School 
-I'm in the marching band.......Piccolo type of girl
-I love to play soccer 
-I have a cat named Brightheart
-Pandas are my favorite:) If you love me, send me a panda

I'm a survivor of a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome.....50% of people who get it die

Have a joint account too.... @DellaReyWriterz

 So I guess thats all you really need to know about me guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything:)!!!

Favorite Quote Thingy:)
"Good an Bad, Strengths and Faults, He was Hers Forever, She was His forever too -- Imperfect as She was. Take it or Leave it. She was who She was"
                        ~The Lucky One
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