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Hello poppet, I'm Elena, but call me El.
16 years old from the uneventful state of Queensland, completely boring here for me.

Things about me you ought to know!
- I love grape fanta.
- My favourite thing about me are my eyes.
- Don't usually like to say this, but I'm really bad at deliberately making people feel bad, it's not in my nature.
- I hate eating.
- I'm self conscious as fuck.
- Literally hate any kind of horror movie.
- My music taste varies by the weather.
- I've been diagnosed with major depression.
- I'm quite short and have no intention of growing, my height suits my lifestyle.
- I'm a real winter girl; totally addicted to the cold, love my jeans, beanies, jumpers etc.
- I hate hate hate summer. Yuck.
- I have a traumatizing fear of underground parking. Yeah I know, stupid me. But it's actually legit, I start freaking out and my stomach churns and my parents have to park somewhere else.
- If I think of anymore, I'll keep you updated.

I'm socially awkward when you first meet me. I'm Atheist, sarcastically funny, not the most unattractive bitch there ever lived and my skin's really translucent. My eyes are wide and remind my friends of 'dinner plates'.  I'm just me, honest (:

Auf Weidersen, love! XOXO.


Coffee Shop Blues.

Coffee Shop Blues.

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The Sweet Irish Boy.

The Sweet Irish Boy.

22 parts / 98 pages, updated Jan 27, 2013PG-13
When Niall stumbles upon the small figure of Abby Brenson, his superstar life suddenly changes drastically. Abby's state of living means she's suddenly living in his ap... read more
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Touring with my Malik.

Touring with my Malik.

34 parts / 118 pages, updated Dec 21, 2012PG-13Completed
A broken girl with a darkened past filled with regret and trauma, the past events of her life pulling her down and creating havoc that no one can see. A cheerful boy ... read more
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Cute story babe!

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You Again? || l.t. au

@letmelovelou12 Haha aw thanks babe. I don't know but I started writing it in 2011. I don't think it's great to be honest :s but thank you all the...
Touring with my Malik.

@Its_Mohima Thank-you babe! xx.
Touring with my Malik.

@Kikialex It's fate! xx.
Touring with my Malik.