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Yo Im Ace. 
 I'm 16 years old yet I know how to drive.
 I've got an older brother who's 18 and his name is Zane. (Cheshirecat1995)
 Zane taught me how to drive :3 mom got mad but WHO CARES I CAN DRIVE =D!
 I found out that I've got another brother by my real parents.. David.
They finally came Saturday after noon. =3 ( @Angelina_Mikal) 

single [ ]
taken [ ]
None of ya business you stalkers D=< {BINGO}

Places I've been to: 
Niagra Falls
Tarpon Springs Florida,Clearwater Florida,Tampa Bay Florida
Chataqua (Erie County), NY
Buffalo, NY and a lot more..

My Fave Bands:
Nickel Back
30 Seconds to MArs
Blood on the Dance Floor
Bullet For My Valentine
The Band Perry
The Civil Wars
Taylor Swift (Takes a real man to like girl music n.n)
and soooo much more....(lol being lazy)

Favorite games.....hmm so many.....
Mortal Kombat
Mirrors Edge
Red Dead Redemption
Rock Band/Guitar Hero (all game types)
Grand Theft Auto
TECHNO KITTEN ADVENTURE <3 (love this game so much mainly cuz of my brother since he screams at it when he dies XD)
Best Bud(s):
ShatteredSpirit19-a.k.a Barley (she been around since i left NY)
demusicfreak-good listener. 
Penguin_1- the name says it all (lol)

Current~~~!  2/18/14
I'm currently trying to re-do Hunting for Hell seeing as I dislike how I wrote it, hopefully I find the notebook I wrote the story in originally (yeah I know stupid me ¬.¬). Anyways I finally have my desktop fixed once again so I'll update atleast every Tuesday and Friday. If I dont do it on one of those days I'll do it on the weekend.


Hunting for Hell (BoyxBoy)

Hunting for Hell (BoyxBoy)

2 parts / 1 page, updated Feb 01, 2014PG-13Video
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Cowgirls vs City boys

Cowgirls vs City boys

2 parts / 1 page, updated Nov 28, 2012RVideo
63 reads votes 2 comments 6
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@AintYoHoe Er...Dudes dont get periods breh. Then again that could be a lie..since Cheshiregrim (my brother) is always on his man period e.e.
Cowgirls vs City boys