♀+♀=♥ GENDER
      ♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
      ♂+♀=♥ MATTER
      My name is Jaymee (Yes thats how its spelled o_o) Jay for short.
      Okay. Im basically here to read, make new friends, and probably write ten billion stories about Ross Lynch. (Im Obsessed o___o)
      Anyways. I really like Baked Zete(I thinks that how you spell it). o_o
      I'm Single. T hough, im mentally married to Ross Shor Lynch. Our child is a cat name tubs o__o
      6_6 I don't like spongebob. His voice annoys me.. o.o but i do like patrick c:
      I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE Anime. That pretty much all i watch(plus austin and Ally.). I read Manga also >:3
      My Background pic, will NEVER be me, as you can see. :P
      But my profile pic, will always be me (Unless i dont want a pic of me up there xD)
      My Sexuality doesn't matter o.e So.. Im not saying anything. c:<
      I like to bake cookies every sunday! (Dont ask..)
      Well, the Bands/Artists i listen too are:
      R5 <3
      The Ramones
      The Misfits
      Three Days Grace
      Falling In Reverse
      All Time Low
      Every Avenue
      Pierce the Veil
      Blink 182
      and more.. Dont feel like listing EVERYONNEEEEE i listen too. :P
      Soo... Yeah..
      Talk to me at your own risk xD
      Byyeeeee! xS
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    Mars, Duh. o.o
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    3 years ago

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