Hey guys.
Idk how many people will actually read this.
I'm Nicole.
I write shitty fan fiction and other stories. Please don't take my characters and plots. If you'd ask id be more than happy to talk it out though if necessary.
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    eating skittle beans with Leanan and Sophie <3
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A Tale of Many Killjoys

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Description: (This title is subject to change.) (Cover is not my photo.) So. You're immune to BL/ind's injections. They know who you are and where you are until they decide to let you go. But where do you go? This is the story about Nicole, delightfuldetonator...

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No One Knows The Future

No One Knows The Future

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Stories I've written please no hate ok? Judge free zone here, por favor.

But does anyone notice...?

But does anyone notice...?

444 9 11

A story of a girl and Gerard way and drugs and alcohol. Sketchy huh?

*Coffee Break*

*Coffee Break*

235 8 9

A girl named Nicole finds out her father is Gerard way?! *Cover credit goes to Gee. I stole it of his...

Maybe I'm Not Anything Special

Maybe I'm Not Anything Special

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A story about a girl with a pretty big secret...