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Well... Another day gone by. I have regained my apetite. The usual carbohydrate cravings! I just want pizza. Or I want to dig my teeth into a burger. Just... Junk >.> As in... Junk food <.<. Annnd, I want to watch movies, shows and browse Ifunny all day. Well I suppose I have been doing that. Except the junk food part. Apparently I need to have a healthier intake of vitamins and minerals -_-. 
No one has still recommended good movies, the suggestions I get are that.. That movie... Oh yes! The fault in our stars. I'm afraid it's too sappy for my emotionally deprived/ Deranged... I had a good word but I forgot it. Anyway, I'm going to start watching a good show today.

I actually played a bit of football, I assure you this was in no way electronic, but actually physical unlike your sex life! HA Ha ha ha... *Awkward Silence*

Now I'm CRAVING food. Beautifully delicious food.
I've made plans for tomorrow but I don't have it in me to move from my bed. You know you should take 10,000 steps a day, I even have a pedometer, but lets not ehh check that any day soon. 

I think I shall watch lè show and sleep early. Pshhhhfffffttt. Yeah, 'course.