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Hey all, thanks for visiting my page!! So happy you took the time to do it! If all this writing looks boring, please just skip to any of my stories down the bottom of my page an I'll love you for it c;
Ok, so I haven't updated the Ravenstorm Mansion in almost a year, but I am happy to say I am trying to start posting again. Unfortunately I lost my laptop which to me was like losing the most valuable possession I had, it broke, I died a little inside :'c  But anyways, I have almost all of the three books written now, just have the last few chapters of book three outlined but need to write them in detail.
Feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated as the reason I joined Wattpad was to try an grow as a writer as being published is my impossible dream for life. So please feel free to leave feedback, positive or negative, any suggestions are very welcome. Hope you enjoy my stories an hopefully it's not a total waste of time to read them xoxo


My, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, writing tips xoxo

My, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, writing tips xoxo

2 parts / 1 page, updated Apr 24, 2014
20 reads votes 1 comments 2
Hand Me Your Heart-Book 2

Hand Me Your Heart-Book 2

7 parts / 22 pages, updated Mar 27, 2013PG
Hand me your heart on a silver platter, and your soul in a goblet of wine. Ivy has survived her first encounter with the two princes. Now, her eighteenth birthd... read more
258 reads votes 8 comments 9
The Ravenstorm Mansion- Book 1

The Ravenstorm Mansion- Book 1

15 parts / 48 pages, updated Nov 29, 2012PG-13Pictures
Hand me your heart on a silver platter, and your soul in a goblet of wine. This is not your usual fantasy. This is the story of two families waging war, the... read more
2,424 reads votes 139 comments 170
The Escape. - short story.

The Escape. - short story.

1 page, updated Oct 11, 2012
40 reads votes 2 comments 0
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Omagawshh, you actually found this useful! c: thanks so much for letting me know!! I think if the characters mean something to you they'll mean...

@ForgottenSorrows Thanks so much for reading this all the way through!! I love Tarquin too an he does have a future in the books ;)
The Ravenstorm Mansion- Book 1

@RandomFan I LOVE dreadlocks, which is why i gave them to the an they turn out ok in the end :) (not meaning to spoil anything)
The Ravenstorm Mansion- Book 1

@Suzyblue thank you SOO much!! I'll be updating as soon as possible now I know people are actually reading this!! Thanks again :)
Hand Me Your Heart-Book 2

I love how you describe things! The names are interesting an i love interesting names :) with the cliffhanger ending, this is a cool chapter :)
By the sword