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Name One of Aaliyah's Angels :)
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"The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work." - Michael Jackson

"You don't have to hold onto the pain to hold onto the memory." - Janet Jackson

I work hard to perfect everything that I do. I never give up and I push myself to do things. From singing, dancing, and twirling, I practice those things everyday until I'm satisfied with what I see or hear. Music is my escapade and dancing makes me feel free. I would die just to live out my dreams of being an entertainer.

One of the things that I wish would come true is world peace. Too much violence is going on in the world today and no one seems to care anymore. Another thing is for people to start caring about the sick and the poor. There's to many selfish people in this world, not trying to help people in need. I want to be able to give back and make the world a better place.

My sisters : @cametogivelove and @justdesirexo 3D <3

My Inspirations: God, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Usher, Chris Brown, Charlie Wilson, Prince, Otis Redding, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, TLC, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Zendaya, Diana Ross, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, 2Pac, Maya Angelou, Ciara, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, The Beatles, Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and many more people

I want to be able to spread peace around the world and make history. I want little kids to run to me because of my child-like behavior and peacefulness. That should be able to happen for everyone.


Breaking Point

Breaking Point

7 parts / 17 pages, updated Sep 07, 2014R
"I've been through a lot of shit throughout my life. Nobody's ever cared about me or my feelings. Not even the people I cared about the most. I just finally got tired of all of it. I just reached my breaking point." - Aaliyah
2,971 reads votes 80 comments 53
Never Can Say Goodbye To You Michael

Never Can Say Goodbye To You Michael

1 page, updated Jun 24, 2014GCompleted
95 reads votes 8 comments 0
Inner Beauty (A Prodigy Love Story)

Inner Beauty (A Prodigy Love Story)

40 parts / 128 pages, updated Dec 30, 2013PG-13Completed
Hi, I'm Tamia and this is the story of how I fell in love with my best friend, Craig Crippen. I grew up in an unstable household and suffered from obesit... read more
319,909 reads votes 5,979 comments 1,632
Erica Kane [An Urban Short Story]

Erica Kane [An Urban Short Story]

7 parts / 16 pages, updated Dec 24, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
Erica Kane, the most known prostitute in Detroit but not by her sex skills, from her reputation. She's known to take your money and leave you in a blink of... read more
26,175 reads votes 569 comments 107
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Awww! I hope he proposes soon and she says yes! But oh my gosh . . . I did NOT expect them to say that they have a little sister. Oh lord.
Heartbreak Hotel

Thank you so much! It feels good to know that someone loves my writing this much.
Inner Beauty (A Prodigy Lov...

Thank you so much for this comment! Even though I'm late, this just inspired me to keep on writing and coming up with ideas. Thank you for...
Inner Beauty (A Prodigy Lov...

Awww Michael is so sweet! I love them together. And De finally got caught. I hope Nikki tells the girls so they can put her in rehab.
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He finally told her! Yes! I'm so glad they didn't break up or have a big argument about it. They are so perfect together. I'm so proud of Leena....
Heartbreak Hotel