I, Mrs. Dominique Wilkins first and foremost would like to thank you for taking the time to view my work. I wrote this book for all of the women in the world, who had their own issues, trying to grow up into being a fine and respectful woman, mother and wife. Only to meet, the man, who rescues the princess from the tallest tower of the land and think that now she is on the way to happily ever... after land with her true love, but finds out that all of the evil, she has worked so hard to avoid, has been bottled up into her precious mother in-law. The woman, she so desperately aims to please to make life not just smooth for her, but so that her innocent children would not be affected with internal slight. The ultimate message is in life, you must never lose yourself and love yourself when it seems that no one else does. When you love yourself, you should demand the same from people you allow in your circle. Please believe that stress will kill you just as easily as a bullet!
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