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My name is Ranae, I'm a forever changing spazz of a girl who has a habit to coming up with the most awkward of things sometimes, and I'm not fearful of dragging you into it. 

Although I'm not new to Wattpad, I'm starting all over again and hoping that in the process I'd meet some awesome people, and, well, because my other account got so stuff with bullshit I had no space to breathe. 

I'm the creator of the idea of having a Wattpad-based Werewolf pack as well as the Alpha Female of the first ever pack on Wattpad, the @CrescentMoonPack. Currently, I'm the proud Alpha Female of the @NewDawn pack. 

 @Blackfae is the Alpha Male of the pack as well as my bestest of friends. <3 I love him and his twin sister, Sam. 

I love the color teal. I'm also musically trained and a total music theory nerd. My main instrument is the Viola, followed up by the Violin. But I play a couple of other instruments as well. 

I'm a roleplayer, a wolf lover, a reader, and someone who's trying to be a writer- it's hard, I've never given you writers enough credit. Sheesh. :)

My style is as diverse as my music playlist, interests, and personality. 

I support all, meaning all: sexualities, religions, races, and even those who don't believe at all. 

I think everyone is beautiful. I think everything is beautiful, even what hurts us. 

I poi, I longboard, I love to do my nails and paint my hair in a multitude of colors that even the rainbow would be jealous. 

I don't know what to say now, whoops. :)


Between Broken and Fixed

Between Broken and Fixed

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 09, 2013PG-13
There is a reason why supernaturals stay hidden from Humans. It isn't because of fear. It's because a humans need to suppress and dominate everything greater th... read more
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